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Chewie's Pet Boutique is dedicated to the pampered pet! 10% of all sales goes to a charity for animals (we give to few different ones).  We sell mostly pet clothing but do help customers find what ever they need.

Chewie is the dog behind the name.  He was my first small dog weighing in at 2.5lb when I got him, he weights about 3lbs right now.  He is 7 years old and loves to be carried around.  He was quiet the traveler when he was younger, he went every where: baseball games, restaurants, spas, and even helped bouncers at bars! He has even been mistaken for a celebrity dog.  He favorite treats would have to be muchkins and greenies, his favorite toy would be a small plastic basketball that jungles that was made for cats.  He loves to be warm and will stay in sun or by a fire for hours.  He is a very special dog that has recently become ill with a liver problem call hepatic microvascular dysplasia, which has lead to complications with his brain and digestion tract. Due to his size there is very little we can do, but he is being managed with medications.

Leia was the 2nd addition to our family, she is 5 years old, she was originally sought out because of her size, she was supposed to be the same as chewie and we wanted to make sure we got a similar size dog.  She came to us from a stressful situation and once being in our care she tripled her size.  Due to stress she was almost hairless so the clothing of Chewie's Pet Boutique was necessary during the winter months.  She holds a special place in her dad's heart and is the most energetic out of the bunch.  She love to run and she is addicted to squeaky basketballs.  We buy her about 10 balls a month to fix her habit.  She also takes care of grooming the 3 cats.

Vada is the last addition to canine portion of our family.  She is also 5 years old and we rescued her from a family that could no longer take care of her.  She had 4 homes by the time she was 8 months old.  She is the loudest of the group and was never really taught to play with toys.  She does however love to steal small cat toys and chase after Leia when she is going for her ball. She also loves to take runs/walks with Leia and her mom.  She is very much a momma's girl and never likes to leave her side.

All three of dogs are named after Star Wars, although I have never once seen the movies.  They adore children and love them more than they do adults. 

They share their home with 3 cats:

Rajah a Russian Blue mix who loves food and to sleep.  The one thing that can get him up is the chasing the laser pointer.  He also loves strings. He has a low key personality and loves to be brushed.  He loves visitors.

Jasmine is a Siamese-Himalayan mix who loves to talk.  She is the boss of the house and likes to be heard.  She has one of the loudest purrs known and has a personality of a dog.  (Update: We lost this beautiful little girl on February 4th 2012 from an unknown cause of Acute Renal Failure, she will forever be remembered and loved by many.)

Persus (aka Puss-N-Boots) a orange dsh from Kitty Angels.   He was rescued and brought to Amherst Animal Hospital where I work and need eye surgery done to both eyes and I just fell in love.  He loves to play bite and enjoys all the company he has now.

They all love to dress up and the dogs actually look for their clothes on cold days or after baths.  All of them are also loved very much by amazing people!  I am blessed that they have touched so many lives besides my husband and I.  

-Bonnie Sommers, Owner of CPB


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